Episode 13 – Will

A True Renaissance Man

Are you a soccer fan? Ever heard of the ‘god’ particle? The Higgs Boson? CERN, the particle accelerator lab in Switzerland? Do you like mountain/rock/ice climbing?

If you said ‘Yes!’ or even ‘I think so….?’ to any of these questions, then you’ll love our guest, Will.

Will…well…he’s a genius. Seriously, I think he’s one of the few, even though he’d be the last person to tell you that. Just ask anyone who knows this guy, he’s one of the coolest nerds out there. I mean, how many people do you know that have scaled an ice mountain and went to college at the ripe age of 16? Probably none, but it’s cool, because now you know Will.

Anyways, he was kind of enough to let me record at his place and he even made me dinner and provided the beers. But this is the kind of guy he is. He’s fun, kind and always down to chat about fun topics. Here are a few things we discuss during the podcast:

  • Working at CERN
  • What is the Higgs Boson particle?
  • So you scaled an ice mountain and almost died?
  • His predictive model for pass probabilities in soccer.
  • How he’s using data science to rank shot quality in soccer.

He’ truly a beautiful mind, person and spirit. I hope you enjoy this episode and there’s no doubt you’re going to learn something from it.

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Thanks, and much love, Raf & Leah.

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