Episode 25 – Tisha Hardy


Latisha Hardy (Tisha) was generous enough to sit with me and share her time, knowledge and soul in this podcast episode.  The big message, BE YOURSELF AND LOVE YOURSELF.  This woman sure knows how to do both.  Follow her Instagram, Facebook page, and website.

Some background

Using dance as a way to get some therapy after an abusive relationship, Tisha decided to leverage her skills in business, planning and overall badassness to instruct dance and open a studio.  Needless to say, she has been a huge success and spends her time traveling to different cities for coaching opportunities, as well as, modeling and dance coaching.  So, how does one woman get so damn good as so much?

Love Yourself

Well, when I asked Tisha what she wanted people to takeaway from her episode she emphasized that she wants people to feel confident and to embrace their awesomeness.  And if you just follow her Instagram, you see exactly what she means. I mean, who else could pull off blue/green lipstick and a blonde mohawk, all while wearing heels? TISHA. TISHA CAN PULL IT OFF.

She a boss

Her fierceness and business acumen make a pretty effective one-two punch and is the reason why is she seeing so much success in her life.  So, for anyone out there reading this, I hope you love yourself as much as Tisha loves herself, because it’s that kind of self-love that keeps people around you happy, relationships healthy and all of your goals and ambitions alive.

I hope you enjoy this episode!

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Much Love, Rafael

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