Episode 19 – Thomas Diffley

Thomas Diffley

Meet Thomas Diffley; real estate agent, fitness fanatic, supportive friend and most importantly a good person who I’m now lucky to call a friend. I first reached out to him on Instagram after seeing his hilarious insta-stories.  He’s one of the most energetic people I met.

Setting up a time to meet was tough and I was worried, because as a real estate agent, he works in the evenings, which is great practice for his clients, but terrible for recording a podcast.  But he generously came to Irving, which is not fun for most people.  Our conversation went all over the place.  He discussed his parents’ marriage, their divorce, his father’s new marriage, his brother, coming out as a teenager and getting into real estate.

One thing we hit on is men (pun intended) and how male friendships can lack intimacy.  There is a serious lack of man love these days.  We need guys like this!

I share a story from when I was a teenager.  I saw a guy and thought he was good looking, not in a sexual way, just in a…wow, he’s really good looking, way.  But I never told any friends, because it sounds super weird to teenage boys. I don’t know about boys these days, but “back in my day” that was a big no no.  If anyone knew I thought a guy was cute,I would have gotten made fun for more than just my size, stutter, love of math and choir, and overprotective mom. It would have been awful.  Now that I’m older, I realize it isn’t a big deal, but why does it have to come with so much age, why can’t that hit at a younger for men?

I wish men were more open with their feelings, their emotions, their worries, their stress and their affection.  Have you ever met a man (or woman, but I think it’s far less likely) that acts tough ALL THE DAMN TIME?! It’s crazy. Like, are they the kind of person that wouldn’t cry during the Lion King Scene where Simba talks to Mufasa?  Cause if so, they probably need a hug stat.

If you’re someone who isn’t vulnerable very often, I challenge you to open up to someone close to you who you love.  Try to tell them how you feel, what brings you joy (true joy), what worries you and all the other things that make you human. I can’t say for sure, but I bet it will help you grow in that relationship.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy the episode and have a great week!

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