Episode 32 – PoorRichWoman

Today We Get Spiritual

Jasmine Eye, or Poor Rich Woman (rap moniker), is a conscious rapper, creative and oracle. She’s an amazing woman that has shown me nothing but love since day 1, when I met her at the vegan restaurant V-Eats.  Before I say anything else, just check out her music. She’s dope.

Check out her iTunes page.

Things I like about her music:

  • Word play. This woman can spit and put some nasty rhyme schemes together. Her sound echoes to the days of Nas, Tupac, but has this modern day edge.
  • Her flow is tight. Like I mentioned above, her rhymes are dope, but her flow is straight naaaaassssttttyyyyy.  She has this aggressive sound she makes when she raps about something deep. But she can also turn it into desperation or light heartedness depending on the mood of the song.
  • The Videos!  Her music videos are deep. Peep the colors she uses, the extras in the videos and the overall symbolism. It’s awesome.
  • Her lyrical content.  If you like Lil Pump and all that other stuff, cool. But if you wanna listen to something that makes you scratch your head and think, I prescribe PoorRichWoman’s music.  She discusses, race relations, politics, lifestyle choices and much more.

I’m a fan of hers and will definitely be ready to listen to her new music as it comes out.  She’s so intentional on making music and that comes through post production when all is said and done. I might loop back around to this blog and add more hip hop content, but for now, just listen and enjoy this episode!

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