Episode 12 – Nicole

Art as Medicine

Do you know anyone who is currently ill and in the hospital? Perhaps you know a child who has cancer or another terminal condition.  Having seen my own family members suffer through illness, I can honestly say that I am so grateful for people like Nicole.  She works as the in-house artist at a hospital and sits with patients to do art.

I am so blessed to know her and I hope you enjoy her stories about how her art touches the life of the patients, as well as, her life.  An artist two weeks in a row? Yes. I love art and I love artists. The best part is that most people are artists, even if they aren’t professional.

A couple of things we discussed were saying I love you on a first date, her job and how she found it, her marriage, my love of Monster Energy drinks (hopefully I get a sponsor), meal prepping, as well as, Nicole’s ever growing set of skills regarding art (painting, sketching, crafts, glass blowing, etc).

I hope all of you who love art, participate in it more often.  Click here to read about 5 benefits of art for kids (and probably adults).  One of my favorite aspects of art is the self expression and creativity I have when I make it.  I love to sketch and primarily do graffiti art and caricatures, but the creativity I have in my art translates directly to my creativity as a mathematician and programmer.

What Nicole does for kids is truly amazing and if you ever think of donating to a good cause, let it be to keep art alive in hospitals. They need the donations and the children need the creative outlet.

Thanks and enjoy the episode!

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