Episode 41 – Manologue2


So Kanye Did Something Again

Tune in as I discuss Kanye West and his horrible communication skills, Kavanaugh and the deep wounds of this country, India’s response and plan to combat their mental health crisis and Elon Musk getting a twitter baby sitter so he doesn’t cause everyone to loser their jobs.

Here’s a quick summary:

Kanye West

  • Horrible at Communication
  • Provocateur
  • I still like the guy

Kavanaugh Allegations

  • We need to investigate without a time limit
  • We should listen to Mrs. Ford
  • So like…we just don’t care about integrity anymore, do we?

Elon Musk SEC

  • He didn’t get fired
  • All his tweets must be approved
  • His gift of changing the world is also his greatest curse

India’s mental wellness education

  • Apparently they have high stats of people suffering from stress
  • Students will take 30-45 minutes everyday and focus on mental wellness
  • Some areas that are focused on are self care and mindfullness

Anyways, I hope you enjoy the episode.

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