Episode 33 – Manologue


Sometimes life gets crazy and podcast episodes can’t come out on time. Sometimes, schedules mess up and leave me 2 weeks without an episode. Sometimes, I just feel like chillin out, relaxin all cool and not doing anything. When these things happen, you get this, a news update! But no worries, it’s not #FakeNews.  This is the real deal.

Some topics that are covered:

  • Alex Jones gets kicked off Youtube, Facebook and Apple
  • Dave Bautista hints at quitting Guardians of Galaxy (kind of….)
  • Drake beefs with online gamer and Twitch sensation Ninja
  • USC President resigns after horrible sexual misconduct scandal involving former school gynecologist

There are always crazy things going on the world and I hope you enjoy these stories.  Let them sooth your Wednesday and help you lean into that weekend with more ease and gusto.

Take care!

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