Episode 34 – Lela Perez


Food Myths

Do you hate when vegans say meat causes cancer? Do you not know what a GMO is, so you stay away from it, fearing death? Are hormones a word that is equivalent to cancer, for you? If you said yes, or no (I’m not really picky), then you’ll love today’s episode featuring Lela Perez (@lelper).  Lela and I discuss food, food myths and general nutrition laws, food laws and..oh wow, we discuss a lot! This episode will definitely teach you something new.

Lela has worked with animals for the majority of her career and for her job has to know the laws regarding animal products.  She shares her wealth of knowledge with us and helps to dispel many myths that people have regarding food. She is also a great source of information, so hit her up on social media with questions, comments and love! You can her on @lelper for everything. Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy the episode.

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