Episode 09 – Leah

It’s a New Year!

What is up people?!

I have missed y’all. Hope the holidays went well. I know mine were awesome and now that I’m broke, I get to enjoy the cold weather while watching the new season of Black Mirror.

Anyways, today’s guest is none other than Leah. Leah works in digital marketing and handles the wonderful Instagram posts you see for us. She created the logo, color schemes and all things the like relating to Big Guy, Small Talk. But most importantly, she’s been a friend of mine for over a decade.

Some things we talk about:

Her engagement!

Her love of small talk, Ford trucks and what her prince charming looks like. Honestly, this was one of the most fun conversations I’ve had in a while. With the hectic schedule we both have, it was nice to take some time and catch up.  She also discusses things from potential in-laws and how important it is to have them, as well as, her and Tristan’s (her bae) Christmas gift giving traditions. She’s a hell of a gift giver. Now, that I’ve introduced Leah, here are some things I’d like to leave you with.

Here are more fun facts about Leah:

She’s an amazing cook

She makes a strong cocktail

Her love of Texas is hard to compete with

Y’all is her favorite pronoun

She’s doesn’t put up with bulls**t

She’s a badass girlfriend and friend

If you have a friend, a good friend that you haven’t seen in a while, call them and catch up.  Friendship is so important and vital to your health, physically, emotionally and mentally. When I hang out with Leah, I have to put it on the Calendar; otherwise, she books an activity.  #truestory

Because of that, I have learned to be a bit more mindful of her time. I encourage those of you last minute planners out there, like myself, to do the same. Find a friend, make a date and chill the eff out.  There’s so many things I could say about this episode, but I’d rather let you hear it for yourself.

Happy New Year Everyone!

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