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Krystal Johnson is one of my close friends from graduate school. Aside from that, she is a former educator, admissions counselor at Howard University (Go Bison), amazing writer, and thought provoker. I love talking with Krystal, because I always leave our conversations smarter than I started.  She also has a grant that any black woman can apply for, read all about it here.

Now, instead of using this blog post to talk about all the amazing things she’s done, she thought it would be a good idea to talk to you about Pose, the FX show that gives people an insight into the world of New York during the late 80s.

Looking at the 80s is usually a common theme, cocaine, partying, bad fashion and a lot of electronic keyboards.  But Pose does something different. This show takes the viewer into the Ball Culture of New York. Starring MJ Rodriguez and Evan Peters, this show highlights various characters and their interaction with the social scene of New York.

But what impresses me the most is what they do behind the scenes. This show has the most (percentage) trans people working on it.  This is great, because we aren’t getting scenes written by people who do not relate to the material, but rather we are getting a show that has enabled itself to be more authentic and genuine when voicing the lives of the trans community in the 80s.

I hope you check it out, I know I’m about to get into a binge soon.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy the episode.

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