Episode 22 – Kim

La Chingona

Kim is super funny. If you need to a party to get LIT, she’s the woman to do it.

But before I discuss how awesome this woman is, here’s a quick breakdown of what we discuss on the podcast:

Fostering Pets

Pet Adoption


Dog Vegan Diet

Pets and Marriage

Kim is a foster mom to her dog Lucy and loves it.  She shares her knowledge on fostering pets, what it’s like to bring them home with other pets, getting their shots and other healthcare issues and how to create an environment of love and support for the animals. Check out her dogs below, they’re cute af, right?!

Kim’s dogs Sweetie and Harvey squadding up #squadgoals

How Kim adopted Lucy

In the podcast, Kim tells the story of driving along the road and seeing Lucy, days away from death, on the side.  Kim pulled over without hesitation and picks her up off the side of the road.  She provides food, a loving home and more importantly shots, vet visits and health improvement for Lucy.k That’s love and it’s beautiful.  Kim is the kind of person that can’t let anyone or anything suffer if she can do something about it and that’s what I admire about her.  Many of us live such a fast paced life that we can lose sight of the well being of those around us, but Kim doesn’t.  She’s always willing to put herself out there for others.

Going Vegan

Kim decided to vegan around a year ago, I believe, and she put her dog on a vegan diet as well.  I’m not a doctor or animal doctor, so this isn’t promoting a lifestyle or diet for your animal, but do some research. She says it has done nothing but improve her dog’s overall health.  What I loved about this part of the conversation was learning how difficult it is to be vegan, if you want to be healthy. You have to cook and prepare your meals all the time and if you want the same high quality food for your pets, you cook their food, also. Sounds like too much work for me, but if it makes a dog’s life better than that’s awesome!

Final Thoughts

If you want to adopt Lucy, holler at me and I can put you in touch with Kim. Lucy is a great dog in need of a good home! I hope you enjoy this episode, because I enjoyed recording it.  I hope you make friends like Kim and have people in your life who are fun, loyal and always down to lend a helping hand.

I’m so grateful to call Kim a friend. Cheers to La Chingona, Kim!

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Much Love, Rafael

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