Episode 21 – Julia Hogan, LCPC

It’s OK to Start With You

Julie Marie Hogan,  is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and author who focuses her time on helping others.  Do the following questions FREAK YOU OUT?

When are you getting married?

When are you having children?

Do you love your career?

Do you love yourself?

What makes you happy?

If you said yes, you are freaked out, then Julia is the right person for you.  As a LCPC, Julia focuses on helping people to find their own happiness and to quit comparing themselves to others.  She also helps people with other issues, whether they be work related, relationship focused or family matters.  When I was speaking to her, one thing was evident, she’s a listener and she’s very grounded in her own life.

One thing Julia is focused on is self-love.  She is publishing her new book this Summer titled It’s OK to Start With You (click to preorder).   This book focuses on the mental health and self care.  There’s great value in putting yourself first, even though that sounds counter intuitive. You can also check out everything she does on her website juliamariehogan.com

How many people do you know, go through an unhealthy relationship, because all they do is put themselves out there for the other person and ignore their own needs and wants? I know plenty! People who do this, think they are being generous, but in reality, they’re setting themselves up for being taken advantage of by their significant other. And that can lead to a deep pain, when that same generosity you pour out to others isn’t reciprocated.

It’s important that you love yourself. Go for walks, participate in hobbies you love, take a day away from everyone and just get your head right.  All of these things can rejuvenate you and allow you to be a better person for those around you!

I hope you enjoy this episode with Julia Hogan.

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