Episode 24 – Josten Dooley

Make Your Life Amazing

Josten Dooley, lives out this mantra and he certainly makes his life amazing.  He is a graphic designer,  calligrapher, Youtube extraordinaire, Instagram star and runs his own Etsy shop. He is a go-getter and I love it!!!! You can also check out his website jostendooley.com.

Some of Josten’s art

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How did we meet?

I was introduced to Josten through a mutual friend and was set on having him on the podcast when she mentioned he was a calligrapher.  I love calligraphy and many studies have shown it’s positive effect on the brain.  Plus, he started all of his business from the ground up.  So, naturally I have poked his brain for information, so I too can be insta-famous and flushed with cash.

Flush with Cash

What we talked about

You trying to learn how to start a business? Run a store? Stay confident while in the process and shake those haters off? Then this is the episode for you. Josten discusses his journey and shares his struggles, failures and other impactful moments.

Example: When you draw something hot and it fizzles out and you’re out money and time, but you learn a lesson.

We also discuss relationships, dating and how artists need to draw that line with friends. You know that line? The line where friends are willing to pay for your art and not treat it like a freebee. #KnowYourWorth.

Closing words

I could say more, but I hate typing and writing isn’t my strong suit. Instead, I’ll let you listen to the episode and enjoy your day!!!


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Much Love, Rafael

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