Episode 05 – Jenna Smeenk

Dating in Dallas

Allow me to introduce Jenna Smeenk, a fitness competitor, model, United States Military Vet, professional barrel racer, business owner, model and she even hosts her own podcast.  She was awesome enough to come on the show. During this episode, she opens up about her dating life and her desire to date a man who’s as ambitious as she is (which, given her many endeavors, is probably difficult).  Jenna comes from a small town, much like myself, and she talks about the culture shock of Dallas.  For those who live in Dallas, it isn’t a city known for it’s small talk, friendliness and kindness towards strangers. Dallas even made a list of ‘The World’s Unfriendliest Cities’.  Now, I won’t speak for Jenna or put words in her mouth, so you’re going to have to listen to the podcast to get the skinny on what she thinks.  Also, keep up to date with her by following her Instagram.  You can learn more about her projects on her website, www.jennasmeenk.com.

As far as my experience of Dallas: it’s a great city if you have friends coming in or come here for college and make friends.

Anyways, I would like to express my thoughts on ambition within a relationship.  I find that ambition has to be shared in a relationship. I mean, if you’re starting a business or investing time and money into your future and dreams, it would make sense to be with someone who is going to do the same. How many people know a woman or man that supports a deadbeat or lazy person…they’re miserable, right?  When someone doesn’t have their life together and they’re dating a go-getter it gets messy.


I remember this one time, I knew a girl that worked 3 jobs…yes, 3 jobs. Not 1, not 2, but 3. Meanwhile, bae didn’t do anything. Literally played video games all day.  He didn’t clean or cook or even change the toilet paper roll.  It was a disaster, but she stayed in the relationship and put up with being taken advantage of because she didn’t want to be alone.  Do you know someone similar? Are you that person? If so, it’s time for a ‘come to Jesus’ moment.  It’s a shame when hard working people let themselves get taken advantage of for fear of being lonely or feeling rejected or just lacking the self-worth to think they deserve better.  We all deserve happiness!

So, if you know someone in that position, remind them that it’s ok to be alone. In fact, it’s better to be alone than to have someone take advantage of them, because that will only lead to heartache, arguing and an ever growing sense of self doubt. #respectYoself

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