Episode 40 – Francisco Mendizabal

Meditation Coach

Francisco Mendizabal sits down with Raf and discusses and meditation and how it improved his life and how it can improve your life.  as the founder of the company HackSelf.org, he believes that meditation should not be limited to the religious life and he also believes in using meditation techniques that are backed by scientific research.  I love this approach!!!!

There’s nothing like some science to get me excited about well…anything.

One of the things we discuss is  how meditation is way of taking control of your life.  When you meditate you are able to recognize your emotions and when you can recognize your emotional state, you are able to resist the urge to react to situations.  Reacting might be one of the worst things we do at times .

For example, I’m a very defensive person.  When I get critiqued or criticized, my first reaction is to be defensive and not listen to the feedback I am receiving.  This is because I feel as if my intelligence or knowledge of something is being attacked.  So, through many years of practice, I’ve improved so that, even though I still feel attacked, I don’t always react defensively.  I can instead recognize my emotion, internalize it and not let it control my behavior.  I take control of myself.

I highly encourage anyone out there to lookup meditation techniques and if you need to, reach out to Francisco on his website or Facebook page.  If you are afraid of being in touch with your emotions or think it’s stupid, then get in touch with that emotion first! It literally can start anywhere.  But the key is to not be afraid of what you find and be open to change.

Also, check out this cool article I found that features Francisco! 

Anyways, I hope you enjoy the episode.

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