Episode 15 – Flip

Flip Francis

…is one of the coolest, most fun people I’ve ever met. I mean that. He is also the co-founder of The Infinite Agency, a digital marketing agency here in Dallas. Having previously worked with him and Infinite, I can say they are top-notch, fun, hardworking, and, most of all, creative.  When I was at SMU, Flip was also one of the first people to talk to me, which was a big deal, because being brown, dressing like I do, loving math, and coming from a pretty humble background, made it tough to feel at home while at SMU.  Flip made me feel at home.  He has always been an inclusive guy, who can make anyone feel like family.  That being said, I want to talk about something that he and I are both passionate about.

Flip has a lot going on…like a lot.  From trying to get The Infinite Agency on that new new, to traveling all over America to grow his business, to walking his dogs daily.  But one of his coolest endeavors is his involvement with a social justice movement called DIG DEEP.

“We help Americans that don’t have clean water get it.

We help Americans that have clean water keep it.”

– Dig Deep

Dig Deep is an amazing organization that is striving to ensure that people have access to clean water.  It’s crazy to think that in America, there are people who go without clean water and there are so many people who waste water, myself included.  So, if you’re up for learning more, hit up their site and see what they’re about.

Check out how you can get involved and follow them on social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube.

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