Episode 10 – Felicia

Learn It with Felicia

Our next guest can eat fire and has juggled with Penn Jilette!

Felicia is nothing short amazing! In fact, she is one of the most inspiring people I know. Here’s a small list of things she does:

  1. She is an actress (check out her IMBD).
  2. She runs her own Youtube channel (Learn It with Felicia Maria) where you can see her learn to eat fire in hours, learn how to do a headstand, and many other cool skills!
  3. She teaches circus tricks on the weekends to children, as well as, has a recurring role on another Youtube channel.
  4. Her and her fiancé also have their own hashtag (#kleanUpLA) where they went out for 30 days straight and picked up trash around their neighborhood in LA.

I could keep on listing all of her accomplishments and accolades, but I’ll let you listen to them on the episode.

One thing we talk about is taking the leap to learn skills. Felicia’s Youtube channel is about her always acquiring skills, but really her life is about learning skills. And she has found ways to use those skills to make money. So, if you’re wondering what to do with your weird skill of solving a rubik’s cube, hoola hooping, cool yoga poses or making funny animal sounds you just have to go out and find people willing to pay for those skills. I hope her life story pushes you to learn what you want and chase all of your dreams. Life is short and we have to make the most of it!

You can follow Felicia on Instagram, Twitter, Youtube or send her an email  her at feliciammasias@gmail.com.

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