Episode 02 – Erin

Shout out to Single Parents!


This episode is for y’all. Erin is a single mom that has had her fair share ups and downs in the ever complicated world of dating while under the influence of parenting.

In this episode she shares her struggles in dating after her divorce, which is something that so many people go through.  She talks about her feelings of failure brought about by her divorce and her desire to prove something to the world…that she could be good at a relationship. Now…that’s heavy and what I love is that she has realized that her divorce is something to grow from and not something that looms over her past. It was inspiring listening to her talk about her transition in mindset from dating as a tool to prove her ability to date to just having fun. 

We then discuss her dating life and if there is one major take away I have it’s this:
If you’re dating a single parent, PLAN THE DATES AND MAKE THEM FUN!!!!

Single parents are always making decisions and the idea of having a date that is not only planned, but FUN, is something that is truly appealing.  So to all of you out there with the openness to date a single parent, make the dates FUN…and try to avoid areas with kids…unless of course, they don’t mind.   I once took a single mom to a movie, but the movie was aimed at kids….so she hated it and hated me for it…don’t ever do that.  But that’s a story for another time.

Anyways, I don’t like telling people what to do very often so I’ll stop there. But I hope you enjoy this episode as much I do.  Also, due to Erin’s hectic schedule we filmed at her house, I supplied the alcohol and she supplied the stories.  

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