Episode 38 – Emma Rodriguez

Funky, Fresh and Cool

You ever have that friend that is just ‘cool’? Ya know, the person that you hope shows up to your party because they make it more fun.  The one always bringing the laughs and feel goods…Well, that’s Emma (Emmaline Rodriguez).  Emma is an outspoken, fun, hardworking, boss lady that I had the pleasure meeting a few months ago. Since then I’ve learned a few things about her:

  1. Her and her hair have a complicated, but loving relationship.
  2. She’s all about body positivity
  3. She’ll dance on a moments notice (she used to be a pro dancer, so that makes sense, right?)

One thing I loved learning about Emma is her passion for growing.  She went to school for dancing and dropped out to enter into the world of fitness coaching and leading fitness classes.  That’s pretty badass considering she was only 21 at the time.  Now, years later and after having much success in that sphere, she is back in school.  She is pursuing a degree in forensic psychology, whatever that even means…

Basically, we should all look to her as motivation to do better.  Not only is she in school and work full time, but she’s also on that supportive life, helping her boyfriend with his apparel business.  #powercouple #gettingShitDone

I want to give a special shoutout to her for giving me the time to chat with her.  I also want to thank her for sharing her life with me and you guys. So Emma, if you’re reading this, thanks homie.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy the episode.

Much Love,


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