Episode 23 – Dom B

It’s Dom B!

Dom B is the host of the Dom B Podcast and a photographer here in Dallas (check out his site).  He and I sat and had an easy breezy conversation.  We discussed his marriage, Elon Musk, politics, music, drugs and other fun stuff! It’s crazy that not even 2 months ago, I had no idea who this person was and all of the sudden we were recording together.  Podcasting has grown my network of people so much and I love it!!!!

Anyways, on to Dom B.

First let me say that I really admire this dude and how  he is paving his own way in life, using his creativity, skills and love of performance.  It’s really cool to see someone so motivated and it motivates me.  We’re both from West Texas and in an area where 99.99% of the people you graduate with go into the oil industry, it’s nice to meet someone who left and is creating content.

One thing I took from this experience was Dom’s love of learning and using that love of learning to make money. It was awesome. He wanted to do photography, so he studied for a long time and then poof, became an amazing photographer. He wanted to host a podcast and viola! He is now hosting his own podcast.  People that are doers and not just talkers are my favorite people.

If there is something you really want to do, then DO IT! You get one life and I personally love taking Shia’s advice.  Go out and make your own path in life.  Don’t be afraid to fail and always help those around you.

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Much Love, Rafael

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