Episode 29 – Dahlia Turnbull


Confidence Level 9000

Dahlia Turnbull is EASILY one of the most confident women I’ve ever met. You see her Instagram (Dahlia’s Instagram) and you know this woman has confidence for days!  She is an actress, streamer, co-host of her new show (The Mo And D Show) and overall badass.  She has done videos with huge youtubers such as Lilly Singh.  She kills at accents, which is not something I say easily. Most people make me cringe when they slap on an accent.  I loved chatting with her.

We chatted about a lot of different things, as usual.  I can’t even pull one ‘lesson’ or ‘takeaway’ from the conversation because it flowed so easily and hit so many different topics. I will say this though. If you want to be happy, follow your passion and dreams.  I know I harp on that a lot, but it’s because it’s true.  We live in a country where we get an education and we can create markets for just about anything. I mean…there are even PROFESSIONAL CUDDLERS!   I’m not Hillary Fan, but damn I feel this quote.

I think what strikes me the most about Dahlia is her confidence, because she realized that she could be a model, an actress and anything else she wanted to be. She just had to believe in herself and work her a** off. Which is exactly what she did.


If you’re at a point in professional life where you don’t know what you want to do, I highly recommend taking this quiz by StrengthsFinder.   The goal of Strengths Finder isn’t to tell you what you’re good at, but what you’re NATURALLY GOOD AT. This is very different, because instead of focusing on your weaknesses, it focuses on your strengths.  We all love being good at something.  If you have a job that you hate, use this to start looking for jobs that utilize strengths, so you can find something that is easy, fun and you’ll be successful at.  I’ve used it almost every time I make a big career change and it always helps me adjust, communicate expectations and find culture fit.

So, find your strengths.  And hopefully this helps you find a career that plays on them. Take care!

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