Episode 08.01 – Conor

Bromance 101

Fair Warning, there is no central theme to this post.

Let me introduce my friend, Conor! He’s a great guy that I’ve known for 7 years. We met whilst in grad school and I was stoked when I found out he was staying in the great State of Texas. Anyways, enough about our bromance. Let’s get down to business (cue Mulan music).

We talked for almost 2 hours about why I started the podcast, morality, ethics, artifical intelligence and Marvel movies.  Also, I had to break this episode into 2 parts.

Part 1: He interviews me about the podcast (it gets meta), we discuss Marvel Comics, Comic Books and first dates.

Part 2: Conor starts explaining what he believes is the greatest problem that nobody is talking about. It’s great!  We also discuss moral relativism, the porn industry, ethics, artifical intelligence and other fun stuff!

I love having friends like Conor, because he always makes me think and makes me dig into my intellectual side, which is hard to find under the fart jokes and insane love for Snapchat filters.

If you have a friend like Conor, then take them out for a drink this holiday season and have some good conversation.  As was forewarned, there is no theme to this blog post. Just have a great holiday and spend it with people you love. If you’ve lost touch with a close person, maybe call them and reconcile some differences, or maybe have a few drinks and watch some Netflix. Regardless, don’t be a jerk and try to spread some cheer and beer. This will wrap up 2017, see ya in 2018!

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 PS. Here’s an article discussing the Aquinas’ view on the legality of prostitution.

Done with part 1? Listen to part 2.

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