Episode 27 – Connor Posey


Dog’s Best Friend

Is your dog nappy? Is it’s hair all over the place? Connor Posey, the founder of Posey’s Pups knows that a fresh cut leaves dogs happier. I mean, it works for you right?  Check out his work above! Well it also works for dogs. Now, I met Connor through mutual friends and there was one thing I knew from the beginning: He loves dogs.  I mean, he truly loves them.  I am still taken aback by how much care he puts into grooming dogs and how much he notices about the dogs he grooms.  He notices their mood, their behavior, their ability to empathize and uses this to find ways of keeping dogs calm during their grooming sesh.

But one thing that I found more interesting than his passion for dogs, was his background. Connor, grew up pretty much hating school and work that didn’t involve animals.  He is a rebellious soul with a streak of doing what he loves.  So to hear him talk about his past, the troubles, the rebellion, the general bad decisions we all make, was so juxtaposed to his present.  In his present, he’s a business owner, friend to many, and a man who seems to grow positive and good relationships with his clients.

We talk about a lot of things: dog grooming, his experiences with animals, veganism, weed and divorce.  He opened up and shared so much about his life. I’m truly grateful for his vulnerability.

One thing I’d like to leave you with, as a listener and reader, is to be mindful of animals.  If you’re a dog owner, get them groomed, bathe them, walk them, and take care of them.  So many animals are suffering because people want to a dog, but don’t want to take care of them, and that sucks. A lot. So, if you know someone who has a pet and is amazing at taking care of them, tell them to keep being awesome!  Dogs are pretty incredible and Connor definitely educated me on them.

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