Episode 28 – Cody Rankin

Adventures of Wild Cody

Cody Rankin, the wild man, the adventurer, only person I know who hikes during temperatures of 100+degrees.  Check out the beautiful pics he takes here.  But seriously, I love our conversation this week.  What I love the most is we discuss mental health.  Cody uses hiking, not just to see dope ass mountains and cool rivers, but he also uses it to connect with nature, get some alone time and slow down his mind.  Coming off of a divorce, this was critical to him finding peace.  It’s inspiring to hear him discuss how hiking has changed his life.

Before I continue, if you are struggling with mental wellness and nothing is working, try seeing a mental health professional near you.  (https://www.betterhelp.com)

So, do you have to hike to be happy? Lord, I hope not. I would be screeewwwwweeeedddd. But, if you are feeling stressed by work or everyday life, I suggest you find an activity to help.  This activity doesn’t have to be outdoors, you could go the gym, cook food, go for a walk, paint, draw, jog, swim, canoe,…see where I’m going? You can do a ton of things! I just suggest, not watching TV. Let your brain and body connect while do something.  I hope you do something, because this life is short and we need to live it up as much as possible.

Something I really appreciated Cody was that he was willing to do this Instagram, when nobody that he knows really does something like this.  It’s hard to start something when you don’t know how people will react.  But Cody has found nothing but love and support.  I think that’s true for most things.  So, don’t be worried about salty people, go try something and I bet you’ll find people who will support you.  We all need community. That’s #facts.

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Much Love, Rafael

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