Episode 07 – Chad

Taking Risks

Hey there everyone! Hope y’all are killin’ it this December. I know that my bank account is nose diving and my desire for sleep is only beaten by my crazy last minute planning, but oh well – that’s life. Aaaaanyways! Let’s talk about our guest this week Chad. I met Chad at the same time I met last week’s guest, Ryan (listen to her episode here).

Chad is involved in two improv troups here in Dallas: Sunglow and Big Short. We talked about his journey into improv comedy and how it all started with a drunken decision. We’ve all had those moments, we get drunk and maybe we buy something from Amazon or sign up for a crazy class or say ‘yes’ to that date we were asked on earlier in the week. Either way, sometimes drunken decisions can be a good thing, but for the most part, they aren’t.

While we were talking, something came up that I think is really important to talk about and that’s TAKING CHANCES. Is there something you’ve always wanted to do, but are too afraid to take the leap? It’s scary taking a chance, especially when failure is almost certain.  But, failure is important. I’m not going to grand stand on this too long, but I would like to say a couple of things to help you take a chance in life.

  • Drop negative people from your life.  If someone is telling you that your dreams are dumb or that you’ll probably fail, then just drop that person.
  • Learn to phrase things positively.  Instead of saying, ‘this is way too difficult’ or ‘I’m scared af!’ try saying ‘I can’t wait to learn from this experience’ …It may sound dumb, but it helps.
  • Take action. Do something concrete and measurable that helps you get closer to your goal. If you want to start a podcast, then record an episode. If you want to write a book/comic/novel, then try to write a couple of pages a week. Whatever you do, don’t make vague goals but goals that are measurable.
  • Don’t quit. I know that I am my own worse critic, but I don’t stop. Even if something sucks, which happens, I learn and continue to grow. Just do the same.
  • Have fun.  Life is short, enjoy as much of it as you can!!

Chad and I both discuss the importance of failure and we also chat about other stuff, like Rick and Morty, Comedians and Netflix. He is one of the nicest guys I’ve met and I’m happy to have had him on the show. Take care and enjoy your week!

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