Episode 11 – Chad Caudill

The Realest Surrealist I’ve Met

Let’s chat about Chad! I met this guy while he was painting his amazing mural across the street from Braindead Brewery.  He was cool enough to spend some time with me and record and episode of the podcast.  Before I get into the rest of this blog, check out his artwork on his Instagram below…it’s pretty amazing.

Chad is a very interesting dude who’s art, as of late, is inspired by his past relationship.  His art is beautiful and the symbolism in it conveys various messages of love, love lost, pain, happiness, joy, anger and all other emotions we feel as humans. I was drawn to his art, because of the surrealism. I love the cracked egg shells, the broken spheres, the eyeballs, the balloons and, more importantly, his use of color.

Aside from his art, we talked about his relationship with his father. His father was in the military and, to some degree, fits the stereotype of the strong and silent type.  I find it interesting that our generation is starting to help men express their emotions in a healthier manner, instead of bottling them up or laughing them off. Nonetheless, his relationship with his dad is probably similar to many our relationships with our parents, close and distant.

I hope you enjoy this episode and you’ll have to excuse my Darth Vader like breathing…I was coming off the flu when we recorded. Regardless, I want you to enjoy this look into the mind of a beautiful artist.

Thanks and enjoy the episode!

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