Episode 26 – AutoAuto

AutoAuto AI is Moving Education into the Future

AutoAuto AI, a local Austin Educational Company, is comprised of Co-Founder, Joyce Rigelo and CTO Ryan Henning along with a team of amazing people.  They are paving the way for computer science education by teaching students how to control autonomous cars using machine learning and artificial intelligence by teaching them Python code.  #MindBlown! Kids, as young as 6, are learning AI and machine learning. At 6 years old, I was yelling at my Nintendo, because I was positive it kept MAKING Mario die in Star World 3.  These kids are awesome af.

“Personally, I think programming, building robotics, there’s this intersection of problem solving and creativity” – Ryan Henning

Ryan was one of my instructors when I learned Machine Learning and I can say that he is a true problem solver and creative mind.  It’s great to know that he’s out there teaching younger students the beauty of computer programming and complex problem solving.   So what do these students do?

Well, the students begin by coding just 2 lines of code to get the car to move. This is amazing because it empowers them to continue to want to learn. Having been an educator, I can’t stress enough how important this is. What if you could do just 2 things and see results?! You would want to keep doing it. This ability to build confidence along with cool cars hooks in the students and keeps them learning.

We need more programs (pun intended) trying to teach students skills that are relevant to today’s world.   Joyce feels strongly about this saying that technology can sometimes be the only way to strive to better situations for many people.  I couldn’t agree more.  Here’s a great article explaining how technology can widen or narrow the wealth gap.(http://opinion.inquirer.net/107865/technology-worsen-poverty) .  Joyce sees teaching students to code as a way to empower them and teach them problem solving skills.  She loves seeing students learn, get excited and light up at the thought of ‘unveiling’ the magic behind coding.

If you’re a parent looking for coding education that is fun for your child, hit up autoauto.ai.  Follow them on Twitter and support them as they change education.

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