Episode 17 – Alex Trevino

Project Thirty Six

Alex Trevino is the Founder of Project Thirty Six, is a Production  Company that “gives a voice to the voiceless”.   During this podcast we discuss:

  • How Alex started his business and how he’s moving forward with it
  • Two big projects Alex is working on, including a documentary featuring 40 students where they will have no access to technology to 40 days.  I’m pretty excited about this one!
  • How Alex uses Project Thirty Six to give a voice to the voiceless and help people grow their business.
  • Other things involving technology, jobs and job fulfillment.

Alex is definitely one of the hardest working guys I’ve met. Taking what he knows about production, acting, writing and directing and turning it into a business, all while growing and learning how to run a business is crazy.  He believes in himself and that is probably the most important thing to do when starting a business or doing anything, really.

We had a great time recording chatting and I know you’ll love the conversation!

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