Episode 31 – Ahmed Al-Kadri

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Ahmed Al-Kadri (@ahmazing645) is funny.  We spent the afternoon hanging at his place and shooting the shit. It was a great conversation. We started with his love of comedy, moved onto religion, always fun, chatted about his family and then came back full circle in the end. Here are some things I loved about the conversation that I think everyone could benefit from hearing…or so I hope.

Ahmed, if pursuing his dreams. He’s big on visuals. He has a vision board and reminders all over his apartment to remember to be an awesome person.  This drive keeps him focused on his goals constantly. He also journals and writes a lot. He let me see his journals, dude is serious.

If you have a dream, I highly suggest you start making a plan. What’s the first thing you need to do to help you? Do that. Find another small goal, and do that. And keep on completing small tasks, until you get your end result.  As the saying goes, ‘The only way to eat an elephant, is one bite at a time.’

I sincerely hope you enjoy this episode and I’m sorry for not typing the obligatory 300 word blog that is supposed to optimize SEO and other cool stats that drive people to my page, but I’ve found in the past that that doesn’t work anyway. So, I hope you just like me being myself, posting cool stuff and sharing the stories of Ah-Mazing people!

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