Meet Rafael, Our Host

Hey! I’m Rafael, the host of the Podcast, Big Guy, Small Talk. I started this podcast, because I want to help connect people in the DFW area with one another, but it’s starting to grow a bit out of city, so that’s pretty exciting.

A bit about me: I have worked many jobs in different industries including fast food, DJ’ing, Wedding Singer, Math Tutor, Math Teacher, Math Author, Custodian and now I am a Data Scientist. Working at these jobs has helped me meet people from different backgrounds and have been able to get to know many of them well enough to know that most of us are dealing with the same stuff.

I’ve also been through some transformative experiences in my personal life, I’ve gotten 2 master’s degrees, being the first in my family to do so, which is awesome. A few years ago my mom passed away and it sucked, but after some years of healing, I can look back on things without crying, so yay to healing. I was once engaged. Yes. Engaged. It sucked when it all came crashing down, but coming out of it made me a better person. You’ll hear me reference it on the podcast often and that is because it changed me in such huge ways. I don’t sweat the small stuff anymore (99% of the time). I try to just smile and laugh as much as possible in life. I quit hunting down this ideal life, marriage and career and started being more present in my day to day life with the people around me. This has helped me in ways beyond relationships. For those out there that have been through their own hell, they can attest to it and for those of you going through it, you’ll be better when all is said and done.

That being said, I DO NOT KNOW EVERYTHING and have only experienced a little of what life has to offer, which is why I have this podcast.  I wanted to start this podcast, because I love talking to people and finding out all of the interesting details about them. I believe, truly, that all people are interesting and have something to teach you.  I want to find people willing to share their own knowledge nuggets, buy them some drinks and have a conversation. And, if you don’t learn anything from each episode, I hope it provides you with some entertainment for your week.

I love meeting new people and will probably offer you a drink or a meal, so hit me up!

Take it easy!