Episode 35 – Stephanie Johnson


Singles and the City

CEO Stephanie Johnson, sits with me this week and shares all about her life.  Having been on Lifetime’s Love at First Flight, running a business and always on the move, it’s easy to get the impression that Stephanie has always known where she was heading in life.  It was so amazing listening to her describe her journey to where she is now, because it shatters that pipe dream and helped me realize that she just works her a** off.

Stephanie was laid off a few years back and was on the brink of homelessness.  Her savings slowly started drying up and she had to figure stuff out quickly.  Being broke really effects the mind, we even discuss how the ‘brain on poverty’ effects the mental health of people.  But anyways, she was able to look at that and just say ‘eff it’ and she began creating this amazing career she now has.

She runs events for singles in various cities.  Singles and the City is all about self improvement, self love and learning how to find the partner, treat them well and have a healthy relationship.  I mean, their slogan is, “There’s more to being single than dating”. That’s some deep s**t to read on the landing page of a site you think is going to help you hook up with strangers.  It’s this reason that I love what she does.

Stephanie loves love, but she wants people to be the best version of themselves before jumping into a relationship.  So listen to the episode, hear her story and enjoy! #learnSomething!

Anyways, I hope you enjoy the episode.

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